Jackson Street workshops start the co-design process

A series of community workshops are underway to start the co-design process for the Jackson Street Auaha Evolving Spaces project.

During November 33 people participated across two workshops. The participants introduced themselves to the wider group and included business and property owners, residents, community members.

In the first workshops we wanted to understand more about all the different people that use Jackson Street. This included thinking about the people that live on, visit, work on, and service Jackson Street. Participants were asked to identify the different groups and were then asked to define what each of those people’s “jobs” are when on Jackson Street.

Participants worked in groups to create descriptions for each of the groups of people that interact with Jackson Street. Once all the different groups of people that use Jackson Street were identified, the participants were asked to define the “pains” and “gains” of those groups of people to do ‘their job’ while on Jackson Street.

A summary of the different groups of people that use Jackson Street and the participants views on their "pains" and "gains" is posted on our project page.

All the raw materials will be pulled together and shared back at the next workshop on Thursday December 10 which will be held at the Settlement on Jackson Street from 7.30pm to 9pm. To RSVP email auahaevolvingspaces@huttcity.govt.nz.

To complement all the insights and information collected at the workshops, people who visit Jackson Street are encouraged to do a walking audit. The walking audit captures your experiences on Jackson Street and helps to identify opportunities for change. The walking audit is available as a downloadable PDF or as an online survey that can be filled in during your walk. For more information head over to the project page.