Layout for five week trial confirmed

The temporary layout for the first section of Knights Road has been decided based on community insight and feedback.

The journey along Knights Road will look and feel a little different in early 2021 as a new temporary layout is trialled from Waterloo Station to Willoughby Street. The new layout reflects the ideas and preferences of residents, students, commuters and community members who participated in walking audits, workshops and engagements from August to October 2020.

A key feature of the layout is the introduction of micro-mobility lanes on both north and south sides of the street. Micro-mobility is a term that describes a range of small, lightweight vehicles including bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards and mobility scooters. The benefit of including micro-mobility lanes in the temporary layout is the opportunity to test the difference separated spaces for pedestrians, micro-mobility users and vehicles makes for the people that use Knights Road.

The layout also keeps the median strip down the middle of the road. Feedback from workshops and discussions with residents showed the median strip was highly valued as it helps drivers safely come in and out of driveways. This means that on-street car parking on the south side of the road will be removed during the trial.

Feedback and real-time monitoring is a critical part of the trial. Everyone that uses Knights Road will be invited to share their experiences of the new layout. This feedback along side other data like traffic monitoring and drone footage will help the project team plan for what a trial on a longer section of Knights Road might look like.

Detailed information about the trial layout is available on our project page.