Trial layout promoted at pop-up park

Seeing is believing! A life size mock up of trial layout featured at park celebration.

Sometimes we need to see in real life proposed changes to our environments before fulling understanding what they might mean for us. Across Aotearoa New Zealand, Innovating Streets for People pilot projects are using trials and pop-ups to allow people to see and experience temporary changes before a more permanent option is even considered. This way of working is known as tactical urbanism.

The Knights Road Connection Project used the Birch Street pop-up park celebration as an opportunity to mock up what the proposed trial layout for Knights Road might look like. Residents, students, commuters and community members came and saw the proposed layout and had the opportunity to ask questions and share their ideas of how it might work.

It was as simple as borrowing a few car parks for the day, drawing up the layout to scale with chalk and putting the materials that will be used to separate the micro-mobility (bikes, scooters etc) lane from parked cars and the moving traffic in place.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive - seeing really is believing.

The first five week temporary trial will be installed on Knights Road between Waterloo Station and Willoughby Street early in 2021. Once the trial is in place we'd love to hear about your experiences using the new temporary layout.