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Project Goal

Supporting our vibrant
shopping, dining and
living destination.

The project on Jackson Street will create the opportunity to see Jackson Street through the eyes of those that love it most, its residents, business owners and visitors. Through the project we can learn more about how to strengthen this love for all to enjoy.

Jackson Street prides itself on creating an experience that promotes, preserves and enhances its heritage, retail and commercial value. The bold goal of this project is to use tactical urbanism to enhance those experiences for everyone that lives, does business and visits this heritage street.

The bold goal of this project is to further support Petone as a vibrant destination for shopping, dining and living.

Through this project there is an opportunity to try out some of the recommendations from the Petone 2040 spatial strategy that align to making Jackson Street more people-friendly.

Ngā mahi kua tutuki?
What has happened so far?
We’ve started the engagement process to build our understanding about who uses Jackson Street and what experiences they value.

During November and December we hosted the first workshops to inform the direction of the project. The first step is to learn more about all the different people that use Jackson Street. This includes thinking about the people that live on, visit, work on and service Jackson Street. The second step is to focus on Jackson Street as a place.

Our partners Align have captured all the workshop feedback in this useful summary.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about the project or ways of getting involved.

Ngā mahi kei te whakatutuki?
What is happening now?
We're building on our understanding of Jackson Street and the people that use it.

Knowing what makes the spaces work well and not so well helps define the opportunities for trying out changes. We're building on our understanding of Jackson Street and making sure that all the different groups of people that use it know about the project and have the opportunity to be involved. We want to hear from a wide range of people from long time residents, students using Jackson Street to get to school, visitors who come to shop and dine out, to the businesses who rely on people coming to Jackson Street to thrive.

The Jackson Street walking audit is a way that people can share thoughts and photos of their experience being on Jackson Street. We encourage you to get together with your whānau, friends or neighbours and start your walking audit today. We welcome you to come to workshops to share your views alongside others who share your passion for Jackson Street.

Ngā mahi kei te tahatū o te rangi?
What will happen next?
All the information from the walking audit, workshops and engagements will be collated and used to help co-design some ideas and options of what could make the experience of Jackson Street even better.

The options will translate the resident, business, community and visitor feedback into designs that can be actually tried out on the street as a temporary trial. There may be some ideas that aren’t possible to try due to safety concerns, road regulations or the nature of the street.

The co-designed options will then be shared widely and feedback sought on what might be trialled in 2021.

Get involved
Get involved in reimagining the experience of Jackson Street

Complete the walking audit, share photos, volunteer to join the project team or attend one of the upcoming workshops.

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