Project Goal

Creating a friendly
and safer journey
for all travellers.

The bold goal is a safer and more people-friendly journey along Knights Road regardless of your transport choice.

This project will test ways of creating a safer and more attractive active connection between the Lower Hutt CBD, local schools, homes and workplaces and the public transport and active transport facilities at Waterloo station.

The end goal is to have a safe network of public transport hubs, cycleways and shared pathways that are connected by safe on-road options on key routes. This will enable real choices for people to use bikes, e-scooters and other ‘micromobility’ modes of transport more often.  

We want to hear what you think of the trial on Knights Road, fill in a survey or share an idea on our Project Page.

Ngā mahi kua tutuki?
What has happened so far?
We’ve been working with schools, residents and the wider community to explore different road layouts that might make Knights Road safer and more people-friendly.

During a series of workshops and engagements, participants mapped which parts of Knights Road were and weren’t working well for them, and what was could make it safer for all transport modes. They shared what road elements and functions were most important to them and their ideas on what might improve the experience. They spent time out on the street documenting how it looks and feels now.

This information has been collated and used to create the first trial layout from Waterloo Station to Willoughby Street.

Ngā mahi kei te whakatutuki?
What is happening now?
The new trial layout has been installed on Knights Road.  

The new trial layout has been installed on Knights Road. It features two separated lanes for people on bikes and e-scooters, safety improvements around the Waterloo Station intersection, reduced parking on the south side of the street and retains the median strip.

The trial is temporary which means at the end of the five week trial the elements can be adapted or changed based on real time monitoring and feedback from the people that live on and use Knights Road.

There were some ideas and solutions that are not possible to try in a temporary way due practicalities, safety requirements or the nature of the street. These will still be considered in future planning.

Ngā mahi kei te tahatū o te rangi?
What will happen next?
With the trial fully installed we are starting the next monitoring and feedback phase.

Getting feedback from the people using Knights Road on how the trial looks, feels and is being used is really important. The feedback and monitoring will help to inform what happens next, which could include amending, extending or removing elements of the trial.  

There are different ways to share your feedback and experiences including online and hard copy surveys, polls, pop in sessions and workshops. Details of all the ways to engage are available on our Facebook and Project pages.

Get involved
Please tell us about your experiences of the new trial layout and give your feedback in one of the online, hardcopy, or face to face opportunities.

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